The GnomePen Classic is our bestselling product and is currently being sold globally by several distributors.

The GnomePen Classic is delivered in 7ml roller pen which, depending on usage suffices for approximately 300 slides.   Average drying time is 1 minute on the bench and under 30 seconds in a chemical fume hood - faster than any competing product. 

The GnomePen Classic adheres both to plain glass slides, Silan-subbed slides, and even to oil-covered glass slides (as usually supplied directly from the factory). However, it will not adhere to wet slides. Therefore, we recommend applying the GnomePen Classic as the very first step in the IHC or IFA protocol. For paraffin embedded sampels - the Gnomepen should be applied after removing the paraffin - simply wipe a ring around the slice using a Q-tip and apply the GnomePen in the semi-dry area. 

The GnomePen Classic forms a thin layer on the glass slide which can be removed using Xylene or even manually with a tip or a q-tip. However this is rarely required; the coverslip can be applied directly over the GnomePen Classic line. 

The GnomePen Classic forms a very thin hydrophobic line that is fixative and detergent resistant for long durations. PFA, formadehyde, methanol, ethanol, and detergents like Triton X100 and Tween 20 do not affect the hydrophobic barrier. It will not interfere with most antibodies, flourophores or reagents. 

Supplied in six colors the GnomePen Classic enables our customers to color code their work. For example, each laboratory user can have his or her color. Sections can be coded by the antibodies used or to distinguish  experimentals and controls. 

Upon request, it can be supplied as a clear solution or in a color of your own choice.

Different formulations of the GnomePen Classic are not being produced on a commercial basis, but do exist. Upon demand, we can formulate a GnomePen Classic to fit the user’s unique experimental setup and demands.


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