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1. My protocol calls for use of strong acid/alcohol/acetone etc. with your product. Will it work?

Please contact us directly at We will do our best to help you solve the problem.

2. At what stage should I apply the GnomePen?

The GnomePen or BarrierPaste should be applied at the beginning of the experiment. It is nearly impossible for a very hydrophobic liquid to bond to the slide when there is a layer of water (TBS/PBS/other buffers) on the slide.

3. What is the lifetime of the GnomePen?

The GnomePen and BarrierPaste have a lifetime of 12months. We recommend storing it standing up.

4. My pen isn't working even after repeated priming attempts

Please contact us. We will gladly replace the faulty pen.

5. Can I have a user manual/MSDS for the product?

You can download user manuals, brochures and MSDS directly from our site

6. The pen stopped working. What should I do? (Usually after prolonged storage between usages)

Prime your pen tip – press the pen tip against an unused slide while gently squeezing the body. It should start it flowing. Once primed – use as usual.

7. The pen isn't working on arrival or stopped working.

Release vacuum by partially opening the pen - while holding the body of the pen tightlyrotate the white tip clockwise half turn. Close it back on, and it should be good to go

8. Do you have an online shop?

Sorry. Due to payment and delivery times we prefer to sell only to distributors. Our customers are more than welcome to contact us at all times for help, technical support and to make a purchase - in the latter case we will refer you to a local distributor in your area.