Invignome was established in 2009.

As scientists who perform Immunohistochemistry (IHC) we were long frustrated by hydrophobic pens that did not meet basic performance demands. So we developed our own. 


Our journey started with a list of basic qualities needed: longevity, detergent resistance, a range of colors, price. After more than three years of development and rigorous testing our Barrier Paste was born. The product met and exceeded our best expectations and outperforms any pap-pen hydrophobic pen on the market. BarrierPaste proved itself , as a very effective hydrophobic barrier and resistant to every detergent tested.

The roller pen applicator of our newer products is user-friendly and produces a smooth and fine hydrophobic barrier in any desired pattern on a single slide. With the multiple colors users can customize and color code treatment regions on a single slide.